Mini League Fixtures for 2018/2019 Season  


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28/08/2018 8:39 pm  

Dear all,

The mini league fixtures can be found in the post below

The Fixtures can also be located on the website here:
The teams and fixtures within the excel spreadsheet match the club / team application forms submitted by clubs to the Taunton Youth League.  If you have anu queries regarding the attached please contact Martyn Lever using the contact link above.
Please note that teams have now been populated by Somerset FA onto Full-time.  The information on Full-time comes straight from the whole game system.  Some teams are only showing as 1 team registered and not 2.  Please check whole game and liaise with your club secretary/Somerset FA to sort.
Clubs and teams have not been added into full-time by the Taunton Youth League.
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Dear all,

The fixtures have been updated for the U9s.  Please see file attached beleow:


and the fixtures on the website found here:

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