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[Sticky] National Lockdown - November 2020


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Dear All,

Please see email form Jon Pike (Somerset FA)

To: League Secretaries
CC: SFA Councillors 

Dear Colleague,

Following the announcement at the weekend of a one month national lockdown the FA have received guidance from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on what this will mean for grass roots football; I have attached the statement for your information; sadly this means that clubs will be stopped from both playing and training during the lockdown period (subject to Parliament voting to impose the lockdown).

I have included a brief Q&A sheet that you may find useful that the FA have issued.

Leagues secretaries, please feel free to share this with your member clubs if you wish, we will be both sharing via our website and social media channels and will be emailing member clubs direct.

I know this will be disappointing as you have all put so much work into getting football restarted and so far this season we have enjoyed matches taking part with minimal disruption, indeed many leagues have seen an increase in the number of teams in membership which is incredibly pleasing. While this is a blow, we must hope that this is only for the month. Obviously we did not play our county cups competitions this season for a scenario like this and I know that a number of you have done likewise with your domestic league cup competitions and /or reduced the number of teams in leagues for the same reason.

Hopefully, this will give us room for manoeuvre and we will be able to overcome this and be able to complete leagues seasons once we are back.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me
Jon Pike

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Dear all,

Stay well and stay safe. 

The Taunton & District YOuth League hope to be able to schedule league fixtures once the National Lockdown has finished.

More information to follow in the next few weeks.

Remember clubs must not train and all fixtures have been postponed for the next 4 weeks.




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