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[Sticky] Registration / Logging in on the Taunton & District Youth League Website


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Dear all,

League Forum

Unfortunately I have had to turn of the registration of new members on the League website due to an enormous amount of SPAM registrations.

All member details have been removed from the forum and your login details will no longer work.  Guests visiting the site will now be able to see all posts and see all attachments posted by League Officers.

League Officers can still login using the link above and have access to post information in their age group forums.

Club Contact Database

Please note that all club officials (Secretary, Welfare, Chair) and all club Officers (Managers, Coaches) should still request access to the club contact database here:

Click on Sign Up and register your details

Access will only be given to members where details currently exist within the database.  If your account has not been activated it is because your details are not in the database.

To get your account activated you must first contact your club secretary and make sure your details are in your clubs section of the database. Once this is completed send an email to the site admin -, requesting your account be activated.

A reminder to all Club Secretaries - Club Secretaries are now responsible for maintaining their club records.  Any changes to the database must be completed by the club. If you are a club secretary and do not have access then please contact the site admin.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact the site admin.

You only need to login to the Club Contact Database - use the link on the navigation bar

Additional information on the Club Contact Database can be found here:



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