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Dear all,

If you are a club offical (i.e. Manager, Coach, Volunteer) and help with organising matches then you need to register on the league database:


To register click on the green sign up link and complete the registration form making sure you add first name, last name, club name and position in your club.

Once registered your account will not activate straight away.  Please wait for your account to go live once the site admin has approved your account.

Your account will only get activated if you have been listed on your club list/page as a club official by your Club Secretary.

Club secretaries please ensure that all your club officials have been listed in the database.

Once your account has been activated you will be able to view all club records and see all listed manager/coach contact details.


The contact details within the databse are for the sole use of the Taunton & District Youth League and will not be shared to any third parties.  Access will be granted only if you are listed in your clubs records (managed by your club secretary)




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