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[Sticky] Mini League Cup - Round 2 Draw 2019/2020  


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11/02/2020 6:03 pm  

Dear all,


Please see the PDF file or the Excel file below for the Round 2 Draw. Please note the rules section at the bottom of the Results sheet has been updated.

Groups have been selected using a random team generator script.

Wild card teams have been added to the U8 age group and the U9 age group.  These teams have been selected on results submitted using the rules.

All games for Round 2 will be played on Saturday 7th March 2020.

Please note:

  • Different groups have different start times
  • All group games must be played on the above date
  • All players must be registered.  Any new players can be registered with your age group secretary (email them the details).Any player playing in a previous round for another team or club cannot play for your team as they are cup tied.
  • All results must be submitted on the results sheet for each group by the host team/club.  All managers must check the results sheet. If the results sheet is not completed in full (with points scored, position and results between teams then a fine will be implemented.
  • All results must be submitted within 7 days of the above date.
  • If a team cannot host the round or if there are any other issues then please contact your age group secretary ASAP.
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