Mini Fixtures 17/18

The home club must contact the opposition no later than Wednesday evening before the scheduled game confirming the fixture and location details.  If you are the away club and do not get confirmation of the game then please make contact with your opponent using the contact detailsin the league handbook.

All fixtures shall be played as per the fixtures shown on this website.  If games cannot proceed due to inclement weather, pitch condition etc, then the game can be re-scheduled between the two clubs.  Please inform your age group secretary via email to change of date given the reason for the change.  All fixture dates are as per the fixtures listed on this website unless confirmed otehrwise by your age group secretary.

Mini League Fixtures (in excel format) can be downloaded by using the link below.  The latest version of the fixtures is v.03.  You can also see the fixtures here:

U7 Fixtures
U8 Fixtures
U9 Fixtures
U10 Fixtures

(please use the search button to search for your club/team fixtures in date order)


U7 Age Group

U7 Hamilton team removed from fixtures.  Fixtures have been updated below.

U8 Age Group

U8 Rhode Lane Rhinos Removed from Fixtures and replaced with U8 Bridgwater VPR Kestrals.  U8 Rhode Lane Wanderers and U8 Bridgwater VPR Kestrals now paired together.  Fixtures have been updated below.

Please click on the link below for the fixtures.  Each age groups fixtures are shown on a separate tab.  Dates are shown for each round along with the location where each fixture will be played.


U10 Age Group

U10 Williton have removed their team from the U10 age group and will be replaced by U10 Minehead.

U10 Minehead and U10 Watchet are no longer paired together.

Please update your fixtures accordingly


If you need to reverse the fixture then please discuss with your opponent.

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